+ Azulejos Lisos - gran variedad, los mejores precios y calidad.
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Azulejos Lisos

Azulejos Lisos - gran variedad, los mejores precios y calidad.

Azulejos Lisos: En esta sección encontrará una gran variedad de azulejos en colores lisos que puede combinarlos con cualquiera de los diseños que tenemos de azulejos de Talavera. jugo, para highball, vasos Jumbo,vasos cerveceros, etc...

Plain Color Tile 4x4 inch (90 pieces):

The History of Recycled Hand Blown Mexican Glass

Mexico is the land of the master craftsman, the very first glass made in North America was produced in Puebla Mexico around 1535 to 1542 by artisans brought by the Spanish from Europe.
For hundreds of years, with nothing more than a blob of molten glass, a long hollow pipe, and some old tools, these artisans have produced glass items in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Although these original glass works were short lived, glass blowing was reintroduced into Mexico hundreds of years ago and flourished, due largely to the simplicity of the ingredients and the ingenuity of the Mexican Arts and Crafts Tradition.