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Top quality mexican Talavera Tiles at the Best Prices and direct from Mexico to your doorstep.

Here you will find beautiful talavera tiles made in Mexico, and handpainted with colorful designs.

Talavera Tile 4x4 inch (90 pieces):

Border Tile 4x4 inch (90 pieces):

Plain Color Tile 4x4 inch (90 pieces):

Every Piece of Mexican Glassware is Unique

Mexican handblown glassware is not for every customer. Sometimes we hear from customers that are dismayed that their Mexican stemware doesn't match, that the drinking glasses are differing heights, or that the colors have slight variations.
Tiny imperfections, such as variable thickness and shape, bubbles and flowing colors are reminders that Mexican blown glass is made by humans.
What some people see as a flaw, others see as a beautiful, handmade organic detail.